It can be lonely at the top especially for individuals unwilling or unable to trust and talk to others about their experience. Type A entrepreneurs often don’t talk about things and certainly aren't likely to express emotions. They problem solve and move forward. What happens when they stumble upon patterns and obstacles that come up for them again and again? Executives, officers and entrepreneurs hire coaches to help them remove obstacles and learn to be clear in their lives so they can see things about their behavior that interferes with success and performance. Coaching provides leaders with high-performance communication and leadership skills. They learn to communicate in ways that increase their chances for success, and ensures that others receive the information without getting defensive, as an example. Clients seeking coaches are not looking to heal issues rooted in the past, nor are they looking for an expert to help them understand and explore their complicated, emotional lives. While the past may be discussed on occasion, it is only addressed in the context of unearthing the areas of one's history, whether real, misinterpreted, distorted or some combination, that may be blocking the client from moving forward. The focus is always on clearing the path, as needed, to make the client more available for a new reality and way of life which includes movement and taking action. Generally speaking, coaching clients are men and women who are busy, self-directed, goal and performance-oriented, high-achievers who thrive using personal accountability, honesty, feedback, perspective shifting, action steps and focused, challenging questions that will bring them extraordinary results. Partnering with a life coach can be supportive, encouraging and empowering, and can help clients navigate change and restore balance and fulfillment. Whether it’s taking control of one's health, losing weight, repairing a relationship or transitioning to a new chapter in life, coaching can provide the needed inspiration, knowledge, accountability and results one desires. Learn about coaching here.

Premiere Life Coach Kim Seelbrede uses EMDR and Coaching for results-oriented goals and success

The Power Team of EMDR + Coaching

As a coach and consultant, I am able to use EMDR to enhance the effectiveness with my coaching clients. Coaches and consultants who use EMDR do so because the process is efficient and effective and the results endure. While "verbal" coaching can be effective for some, “thinking yourself into feeling better and changing behaviors” often fails many hopeful coaching clients. EMDR, when combined with specific coaching techniques has the benefit of stimulating the client’s own brain and nervous system to function at a much higher level. As a results-oriented solution, the power team of EMDR and coaching has proven to be extremely effective in treating even the most difficult problems in a short amount of time.  The lasting changes produced by the EMDR process seem to “stick” for clients, and doesn't require the ongoing “conditioning” that traditional “verbal” coaching does.

Coaching motivates, inspires and supports clients by helping them:

  • Observe and challenge the stories that perpetuate inertia
  • Identify unhelpful patterns and habits that are obstacles to change
  • Partialize concerns and problems into manageable pieces
  • Move beyond and transform limiting self-concepts
  • Face emotions like fear, that keep them feeling paralyzed
  • Learn to communicate honestly and directly
  • Develop direction and clarity in various aspects of  life
  • Find innate strengths and build on them
  • Uncover passions, become motivated and inspired
  • Learn to dream and think "big"
  • Explore creativity and practice balance in all areas of life
  • Improve personal, professional and spiritual connections
  • Design a life that is aligned with one's "true self "and core values
Premiere Life Coach Kim Seelbrede helps CEO's, executives, entrepreneurs dream big and reach success

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching improves levels of productivity & performance and provides executives with the skills needed to succeed in todays competitve environment. I work directly with corporations as well as individuals to improve leadership capabilities, management skills and interpersonal and relational techniques. I recognize the “trickle-down” effect of discord at the managerial and executive levels. Awareness of this interconnection is key to improving levels of performance and productivity as well as reducing organizational stress and improving interpersonal and communication skills throughout all levels of the corporate environment. Whether you are looking to improve productivity of the entire work force within your company or reach your potential as an individual, executive coaching can provide the necessary tools for success. Clients are helped to develop exceptional leadership skills, solve personal and interpersonal issues, and create a culture of accountability and personal integrity. Working with top executives in the country and renowned for resolving problems and improving performance and communication. Clients reduce conflicts and experience freedom from what has been holding them back and experience a renewed sense of excitement and creativity.

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